Tourist Attractions

It is highly recommended to spend one or more nights in the guesthouse of SWOPA. Experience the silence of the night, the moon and stars unaffected by artificial lights, and listen to the wakening calls of the birds and the women fetching water. There are also hotels in Bolgatanga and Navrongo, about 30 km from Sirigu.

Side trips into the Upper East Region

  • Crocodile pond in Paga (on the road to Burkina Faso)
  • The Paga Nania slave camp
  • Navrongo catholic cathedral with the Sirigu mural decorations
  • The Fiisa shrine in Sandema
  • Bongo rocks and caves
  • Handicraft and basket markets in Bolgatanga
  • The museum in Bolgatanga
  • The numerous local markets (every three days in each village) with mainly foodstuff, animals, medicines and the pito-bars
  • The Tongo hills outside Bolgatanga on the road to Tamale
  • Yarigungu crocodile pond in Bawku
  • Seasonal festivals taking place during the dry season from November till March.

Side trips into the Northern and Upper West Region

  • The Mole Game Reserve
  • The Larabanga Mosque
  • Nalerigu Defense Wall
  • Salaga Slave Route
  • The Chiefs' Palace in Wa
  • Wechiau Hypo Trails

The music and dances of the region include xylophone, talking drums flutes and horns. War dances which are practiced by a great variety of village based groups. The road system has been improved considerable. Accra and Ouagadougou (capital of Burkina Faso) are now connected with good highways.

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