Making pots is a traditional craft of Sirigu women. They are used for household activities such as containers for water, local beer (pito), food and as cooking pots. Each of these pot has its specific form. Pottery plays an important role in marriage and funeral celebrations. A very typical combination of pots is "Kemaninga". It is a combination of 5 pots of which the top one has a lid which is tied with a cord of kenafrope to store food for unexpected visitors and as a last resort of the household use. The mother whose daughter leaves the house to move in her husband's house, will give her this treasure to assure that she can store her food well. Pottery is also produced for the market and thus, provide additional cash income for the women. As to the colour and designs on the pots one can distinguish two types:

Also in pottery design innovation takes place, including new types of pots and decorations. The baking process takes place in the open field. In the near future a kiln will be built to increase the quality of the pots.

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